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We provide free account transfer services to those who want to switch over their hosting account to Dollar2Host from their existing hosting service provider

How to Migrate your website over to Dollar2host


Information Regarding Your Active Account

Information Regarding Your Active Account

Verify both your existing hosting provider and the number of sites you intend to move. This will assist us in comprehending the kind of migration that it will be our responsibility to manage for you.

Please Grant Us Access

Please Grant Us Access

If you would want us to immediately do the migration for you, please provide us with the login information for your current hosting account, including the login URL, username, and password.

The Hosting Requirements for Dollar2Host

The Hosting Requirements for Dollar2Host

Please let us know if you already have a hosting plan with us or if you are interested in purchasing a new one. We will review the details of your current account and advise you on the most suitable course of action.

Your visit to this account transfer page indicates that you are contemplating to change your hosting services. If this is true then we can offer the following. If you're currently with another host and would like to switch to Dollar2Host, you may take advantage of our free account transfer service. Please see the below details and terms:

  • This free account transfer offer applies to those who purchase any of our Linux or Windows shared hosting, reseller Plans, VPS and Dedicated servers hosting plans displayed on our home page.
  • For shared hosting customer, this offer is only applicable for those who purchase any plan minimum for one year.
  • The customer must initiate this free transfer request within 7 days of initial sign up.
  • In order to avail this free account transfer offer, the customer must raise a ticket from client area via http://dollar2host.com/clients/clientarea.php to our transfers department and provide the ftp, Control Panel Login details, Database Login details, and database export tools that are provided by the previous host. This will ensure a speedy transfer process. Also the customer will have to provide all the required assistance with regard to contacting his/her previous hosting provider in the event of any technical problem. In all such cases it will be the sole responsibility of the customer to coordinate with his previous hosting provider and obtain all the requested details for our technical department to properly transfer the account.
  • If you have availed free account transfer within first 30 days of signup with any of the hosting product/services then the 30 day money back will not be applicable due to resources spent on account migration.

Important : Please note that you will need to leave your account active with your existing hosting provider until your account is completely transferred to Dollar2host.com and your domain is pointed to our services.

While we shall try our best to transfer your account successfully with due care, we do not take any responsibility whatsoever form for any possible loss or damage to your web content, database or emails. It is highly recommended that the customer retain a local backup of all services, including web content, email, databases, etc. Please note that the account transfer service being provided to you is complimentary and only out of business courtesy and does NOT carry any sort of responsibility. Moreover, under following circumstances your account transfer guarantee cannot be given:

  • If the website uses a different database version.
  • If the website uses a different PHP Version than the one we currently use.
  • If the website uses a different server setup than the one we have with us.
  • If the server of the previous host continuously experiences time outs during the transfer.
Account Type Total Free Migrations Full cPanel Migrations Plesk Migrations Manual Migrations
Shared Hosting 1 1 1 1
Reseller Hosting
- Startup 5 5 5 0
- Advanced 15 15 15 0
- Unlimited 50 50 50 0
VPS Hosting 25 25 25 0
Dedicated Servers 50 50 50 0

* cPanel Migrations include all domains, Addon Domains, Subdomains, and C Panel settings. This will also include your emails and email accounts. Please note that this does require that your old host’s cPanel backup generator to be active.

** Manual Migrations include most things that are not cPanel to cPanel transfers. Additionally this includes work such as splitting addon domains into cPanel accounts. A few examples are: Transferring from a host without cPanel, moving from a EcoSite package to a shared and moving addon domains into new cPanel sub-accounts, addon domain to addon domain, cPanel account to addon domain, addon domain to cPanel account, anything that cannot be packaged and then restored with no additional work.

Additional Migration

Should you require additional migrations above what is included with your hosting account, additional charges are applicable Base pricing is outlined below, however discounts may be offered for bulk migrations.

Account Type cPanel Migrations Plesk Migrations Manual Migrations
Shared Hosting $4.95 / cPanel Account $5.95 / Plesk Account $9.95 / website
Reseller Hosting $4.95 / cPanel Account $5.95 / Plesk Account $9.95 / website
VPS Hosting $4.95 / cPanel Account $5.95 / Plesk Account $9.95 / website
Dedicated Servers $4.95 / cPanel Account $5.95 / Plesk Account $9.95 / website
  • Account Transfer Time: Please note that this may take around 72 hours time for your account transfer to take place.
  • Dollar2host.com reserves the right to refuse any account transfer request at its sole discretion.

Why Migrate To Dollar2Host?



With the exception of times when maintenance is planned, the network infrastructure that supports our web hosting servers maintains a 100% uptime rate throughout each calendar month. We achieve full redundancy at all levels of our network through the utilization of redundant bandwidth suppliers, routers, and switches. As a direct consequence of this, the availability of our network is consistently high, and we are pleased with the excellent performance that this guarantee.


We take our commitment to excellent security very seriously. Our infrastructure is guarded by the newest versions of both hardware and software firewalls. The operating systems that are running on our servers are kept up to date and secured through our dedicated efforts. In addition, we do regular scans, probes, and tests of our defensive systems to guarantee that we are among the safest hosts available. Your websites are more protected on this platform as a result of Dollar2host's commitment to security.


With each of our web hosting services, we always work hard at Dollar2Host to ensure complete and utter contentment on the part of our patrons. Because of this, we provide a service that is quick, dependable, and secure, and it is backed by a Support Team that is both courteous and educated. This service is available around the clock. In point of fact, we are so confident that you will enjoy using Dollar2host's hosting services that we offer a money-back guarantee for the first thirty days.

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