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Basic Hosting

Ideal for beginners with user-friendly tools and a simple interface.

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SAVE 44%
Same Cost at Renewal
  • 1 Websites
  • 20 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • 10 Email Accounts
  • 2 Data Bases

Advanced Hosting

Perfect for personal and small Business websites.

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SAVE 43%
Same Cost at Renewal
  • 5 Websites
  • 100 GB SSD Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Data Bases

Ultimate Hosting

Optimized for medium and large websites that demand high performance and reliability.

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SAVE 50%
Same Cost at Renewal
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Data Bases

Basic Advanced Ultimate
Top Plan Features
Free Domain for life
File(Inode Limit) 300 000 300 000 600 000
Control Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel
Unlimited Free SSL
Softaculous Apps installer(100+ apps)
Instant Setup
Free Data Transfer
Uptime 99.99% 99.99% 99.99%
30 days Money-Back Guarantee
Backups and Restores Paid Backups Paid Backups Paid Backups
Imunify360 Protection(Licensed) $2/yr $5/yr $10/yr
Dedicated IP $3/month $3/month $3/month
cPanel 2FA
SSH Access Jailed shell
Server Location USA USA USA
Separate Domains 4 Unlimited
Domain Aliases 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Subdomains 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Private DNS
Site Publisher
Domains Management (Addon, Subdomains, Alias)
Zone Editor (Manage all dns of domains)
Dynamic DNS
MariaDB 10.X/Mysql 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Mysql database Wizard
PostgreSQL Databases
PostgreSQL Database Wizard
PHP PgAdmin
Remote Mysql
Remote sql connection support
Email Accounts 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Email Limits Per Hour 300 500 700
Individual Mailbox Storage 500MB 1GB Unlimited
Forwarders 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Autoresponders 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Mailing Lists 2 10 Unlimited
Filters (Global, Spam)
Email Deliveribility, Track Delivery
Secure Imap, POP Support
Attachment Limit 50 MB 100 MB 100 MB
SPF/DKIM Protection
Files Manager
FTP Accounts 10 Unlimited Unlimited
File Manager
Directory Privacy
Disk Usage
Web Disk
FTP Connections
Backup Wizard
Password Protected Directories
Raw access
Analog Stats
Webalizer FTP
Metrics Editor
IP Blocker
Hotlink Protection
Leech Protection
Mod Security
SSL/TLS Status
Two-Factor Authentication
Imunify360 Protection(Licensed) $2/yr $5/yr $10/yr
Virus Scanner
Brute Force Detection
DDoS Attack Protection
Network Monitoring
Softaculous Apps installer(100+ apps)
WordPress manager by Softaculous
Sitejet Builder
Multi php manager
Multi ini manager
Site Software
Optimize website
Perl Modules
Php Pear packages
WordPress Toolkit $2/yr $5/yr $10/yr
Php versions Supported Php 5.2 - 8.1 Php 5.2 - 8.1 Php 5.2 - 8.1
Nodejs(CloudLinux) Yes Yes Yes
ionCube PHP Loader
Apache Version 2.4.55 2.4.55 2.4.55
Cron jobs
Track Dns
Apache handlers
Mime Types
Error Pages
Curl and Curl ssl
Service and Support
24x/7 Live Chat Support
24/7 Ticket Support
Phone Support $10 per incident $10 per incident

Rating : 4.5/5 | 1000+ reviews

Website Planet

Rating : 4.3/5 | 1000+ reviews


Rating : 6.4/10 | 1000+ reviews

Reseller Ratings

Rating : 5/5 | 1000+ reviews

The Benefits of Using Shared Web Hosting

Affordable plans that make it easy to build and get your website up and running.

Web Hosting
  • Faster Loading Times

    We utilize top-of-the-line servers to power our Shared Web Hosting plans. Each server is optimized for speed and operations. This powerful combination of resources, performance enhancements, and limited occupancy means an industry-leading web hosting experience, with 20X faster page load times, at a low cost to you.

  • cPanel and Softaculous

    Considered worldwide as the best control panel, cPanel gives you full website control via your browser. With this Intuitive Control Panel that comes standard on our Linux shared hosting plans, building and administering your website is simple.

  • Softaculous One-click installs

    Deploy WordPress, Magento, Drupal and hundreds of other applications in seconds with the Softaculous app installer, which makes updating and maintaining your open-source applications a breeze.

  • Free Account Migration

    Whether you're a small business owner or a corporate office, Dollar2host has the perfect migration solution for you. We make it easy for you to migrate your website to our platform and keep your data safe and secure. Our migration services are free of charge, and we'll help you move your website to our platform in no time.

Looking For ASP.NET Hosting ?

Explore top-notch ASP.NET hosting solutions with robust features and excellent support to ensure your web applications run smoothly

Your Favorite Hosting App is One Click Away

Unlock seamless website management by accessing your favorite hosting app instantly with just one click. experience convenience and efficiency like never before.

  • WordPress


  • Joomla


  • Magento


  • Drupal


  • Python


  • Prestashop


Get the Hosting Resources You Need

Experience seamless online performance with the comprehensive hosting resources tailored to meet your needs.

Advanced Programming

No wonder web developers prefer to host with us. Our Shared Hosting servers feature the latest software versions available, including but not limited to: your choice of CMS, Jailshell SSH, PHP, support for Perl, Python, Node.js, and Ruby scripts as well as various databases.

Email Hosting

With Dollar2host Email Hosting offers the best email hosting for businesses of all sizes. Create an Unlimited number of POP3 email accounts, organize your inbox, and block spam with the help of improved email management features.

Website Solution for all

Our website solution allows you to host Unlimited domains in a single cPanel, register a domain name for free, Set up a professional business email address, Launch websites quickly with our Website Builder and optimize your workflow.

Unlimited Free SSL certificates

SSL certificates with offer a higher level of security and reliability for your website. Protect your website and visitors by offering secure and encrypted connections. Build brand trust and improve your search engine rankings with our free SSL Certificate available with all hosting plans.

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I have contacted to Dollar2Host and Jenny assisted me with my issue. She is fast and friendly. I appreciate her effort...



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Overall,I'm very pleased with the customer service. They have been quick to respond my questions and the support team is...


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Frequently Asked Questions

Shared hosting works by allowing multiple websites to share the same server. This means that each website gets its own SSD space on the server, with its own set of resources such that each website can access the server's resources without impacting the performance of the other websites.
Shared hosting is a great option if you are looking for a low-cost hosting solution that offers a wide range of features. Shared hosting usually costs less than a dedicated hosting plan, and you can scale up or down your hosting needs as needed.
Shared hosting is a great option for those who need a limited amount of space and do not require a lot of features. However, there are a few disadvantages to consider when choosing this type of hosting. First, It is not as reliable as dedicated hosting. Second, shared hosting is slower than dedicated hosting, which can be a problem if you need your website to be fast.
Shared hosting is a type of hosting that allows multiple users to share the same server. This is different from other forms of hosting, such as VPS hosting or dedicated hosting, where each user has their own server.
Shared hosting is a type of hosting in which multiple websites are hosted on a single server. The benefits of Shared hosting are that it is affordable and easy to set up, but there are some limitations. Shared hosting can only be used by small businesses and individual bloggers, and it is not recommended for high-traffic websites.
Web space is a term used to describe the amount of space on a web server used for hosting websites.
Linux and Windows hosting accounts are two different hosting platforms. If you want to host a website using ASP, ASP.NET, IIS, or MSSQL, then you choose Windows Shared Hosting. This is because these platforms are all supported by Windows. Linux shared hosting is the platform that is suggested to use when creating websites utilizing HTML/CSS, PHP, or standard WordPress websites.
Yes, we support PHP versions 5.2 to 8.1
Backups is exclusively a paid service. Backups are an important part of web site administration. When you keep backup copies of your website’s files and configurations in a safe location, you can use them to restore your web site in the event something happens that prevents it from functioning correctly. For details please check our backup policy
Yes. cPanel is the Control Panel that comes standard on our Linux shared hosting plans, through which building and administering your website is made simple.
Yes with Dollar2host you can upgrade your account at anytime just by paying the difference in the 2 plans.
Yes , through Softaculous you can instantly install any of the available 350+ hosting applications with our simple 1-click auto-installer. Some of the popular scripts include: WordPress/Joomla/Drupal/Laravel etc.
The server configuration for our linux shared servers is 2x Deca-Core Xeon E5-2650 V32.30GHz w/HT, 20 Cores - 40 Total CPU Threads,128GB DDR4 RAM with SSD Drives.
Secure web hosting is our utmost priority. With all website hosting services, you get Unlimited free SSL certificates for added security. Plus, we offer a Cloud Linux and LVE containerized environment, complete DDoS protection, automated website backups, auto-updates and many other features.
Linux is a popular operating system choice that can be used to host websites and applications. It is free and open-source, making it a good option for websites that need to be accessible to a large audience. It uses technologies like such as Apache, PHP, and MySQL and is is one of the most reasonable and affordable options.

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