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The complete SEO toolkit to boost website visibility and master SEO.

Use your certified SEO Advisor to optimize your website's performance. Gain insights and recommendations in a detailed task list to act immediately. Scan and validate each URL on your site using Site Audit to get an Optimization Score based on industry-leading SEO standards. Our unique SEO Toolkit lets you monitor your domains' search engine rankings. Finally, use our platform's Log File Analyzer to track bot activities in one place.

  • SEO Site Audit A thorough Site Audit improves SEO

    SEO is continually changing;therefore, your site can always improve. The Site Audit will detail your site's content, SEO, and technology. We aim for 100% optimization by fixing any faults found in each category during audits.

  • SEO Optimization Monitor your optimization performance

    See what industry peers do. Despite improving site performance, it's still not ranking well. Assess your competitors' actions. Compare keyword performance against competing websites using Rank Tracker. Respond quickly to rankings adjustments.

  • SEO tools SEO tools to evaluate and fulfill assignments

    Using your Site Audit and Visibility Score, the SEO Advisor will create a checklist to improve your performance score. The checklist targets your most pressing concerns, such as duplicate content, broken links, and missing H1s, H2s, and H3s.

Boost Your Website's Ranking with Plesk SEO Toolkit!

Try out the Plesk SEO Toolkit today and unlock the full potential of your website.

Find SEO strategy flaws

Find SEO strategy flaws

SEO KPIs in place, you can have a look at how your site fares and compares online. The KPIs include the:

  • Search engine with the most rankings for your domain
  • Keywords you rank for
  • Overall number of rankings
  • Overall visibility of your site

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The SEO Advisor will provide a to-do list for you to optimize your performance score, based on your Site Audit and Visibility Score.

  • URLs most frequently accessed and last accessed by the bot
  • All directories based on the crawled URLs
  • URLs which delivered a 3xx, 4xx or 5xx Error
  • User-Agents and the number of total crawls performed on your site
Consider using our top SEO tools
Keep track of your optimization evolution

Keep track of your optimization evolution

Improved your site’s performance but still not ranking as well as you should? Then check your competition.

  • Targeted marketing efforts
  • Maximizing economic impact
  • Performance improvements
  • Analysing your keywords
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